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is receiving some much needed funds. alex savage joins us life to tell us what -- live to tell us what it will be used for. >> reporter: not long from now those new recruits will be going through the fire academy here and they will go through that for several months and be out in the field. they are being brought on thanks to $8.6 million that will help provide better service to the people of san jose. >> it is important to the people of san jose to improve the service. we are nowhere near where we should be compared to where we were ten years ago but every little bit helps. >> the fire chief and local lawmakers helped to secure this money. the official announcement came down just an hour ago positions refer to as a brownout policy but these will reduce staffing levels and reduce closures. >> it has an impact on our response time and capacity so it is a significant impact and we will be able to with this grant eliminate at least one of those right away. you will feel ross fire station will be staffed on a daily basis as soon as we get the new firefighters out. >> we had six new graduat
nina is now facing a lawsuit. new at noon ktvu joins us live to find out who is filing the lawsuit against the killer and why. good afternoon, lorain. >> reporter: the civil suit is being filed on behalf of his children. inside the courtroom riser made several attempts to speak with reporters but the bailiff would not allow it. and a half during the few minutes we were allowed to shoot video inside, we weren't allowed to shoot or record any sound. potential jurors filed into a courtroom for jury selection in the wrongful death lawsuit. riser was convicted in 2008 for killing their mother nina 2 years before. inside riser placed pictures of the children on his table to represent himself for the trial. attorneys for the young risers say they'll fight the case without the children present. >> we'll do that by having other people who knew children talk about nina and her relationship with her children which everybody agrees was a wonderful loving relationship. >> they seek $2.5 million in damages. riser claims he doesn't have the money but -- >> there are a number of people that think
's superior court system. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the courthouse to explain why they are on strike. >> reporter: they are loud, they are angry and they are demanding not answers but the right to information that would allow them to negotiate a fair contract. >> shut it down. shut it down. >> reporter: at 8:30 a.m. 200 walked off the job here. it is all in an effort to paralyze the superior court system. these workers want a contract that keeps courtrooms open and workers paid. >> the last five years we have given concessions. we haven't had a cost of living raise. the economy keeps going up, we stay in the same place. for five years we have given up furloughs. we have done our part. >> the administrative office wasted $660 million over the last years trying to create something called the california courts management system. >> they asked the court to provide information so they can make a counterproposal but they say they have been shut out. they have been at an impasse sense march 7 after they rejected an agreement. the court says this strike has not shut down t
affairs investigators found was racist and insulting. >> it indicates to us that they really don't care. and that the culture change really does not exist in the oakland police department. that isn't to say there aren't good police officers, but the culture itself is still bad. >> reporter: according to the report the controversial photos stayed up for two days even after an employee complained. a number of police lieutenants claimed they did not see the pictures, the prosecutor said either they were incompetent or they knew, failed to act and then lied. the federal monitor also sited other problems including poor handling of occupy protests and recent officer involved shootings. still mayor quan said this morning she will fight a federal take over of the department. >> how many more negative reports before you think? >> we have to get her out. >> i think that's in your words, at the point if we're down 55-1 i don't think that there's going to be much of a federal take over. it's going to be a very narrow thing. if you're asking me when will i change the hearts and pred prejudices of t
be able to live with. >> the verdict tells us they e fatically -- tells us they emphatically rejected everything said about this person and gave more money than asked for. >> reporter: rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> all right. thank you, rob. we have complete coverage of the case on our website, including our one-on-one interview with hans reizer from prison. just go to ktvu.com and click on the tab. don't be alarmed if you smell gas today near redwood city. pg&e is conducting pipeline testing to test 200 yards of pipes alone. tom vacar is live to explain what kind of work is being done today. >> reporter: tori, they are cleaning these pipes out so you are really not smelling gas. you are smelling the stuff that makes it smellable. it's if the smell like rotten eggs. what's interesting, some extension serve testimony had been -- some extense civic testing had been done. in hydrotesting, utility fills these big areas with water. it's relatively simple to test the pipe to test standards. if it does not fail, it's capable of carrying high pressure national gas. so far this year, pg&e
of the hazardous materials from holmes' apartment, much of which will be used as evidence. investigators say holmes started stockpiling guns from denver area stores almost two months ago, and even tried to become a member of a gun range last month. >> i would say there's no such thing as a slam dunk case. it is a case where we're still looking at the enormous amount of evidence and we would never presume that it would be slam dunk. we will work very hard on this case to prosecute it just like we would any other case. >> reporter: the prosecutor says holmes could face the death penalty. however, that decision could be weeks or months away and will require some consulting with the victims and their families. in centiniel, colorado. >> many family members of the shooting victims went to court to get their first look at james holmes. relatives were escorted in. there's word today that a 21-year-old pregnant woman who narrowly escaped friday uninjured is in labor with the baby expected to be delivered today. the woman's husband was shot in the head and remains hospitalized in critical condition. we will
>>> gunshots rang out soon after closing time at this north bay bar but residents tell us this bar is a hot spot for violence. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. we're getting more information on arrests made after an early- morning shooting in the north bay. it happened outside the el punte restaurant in santa rosa. ktvu ate alex savidge joins us from the scene where another shooting happened seventh months ago. >> reporter: there have been several attacks within the past year here. it's unclear what led up to the gunfire here in the parking lot early this morning that left one man wounded. we know the shooting happened right after the place closed. 0-year-old jose chavez was shot in the chest and knee right outside the restaurant. a police officer actually saw him trying to drive off in his own truck. was eventually treated at the hospital and then released. two men have been arrested for that shooting. this morning's violence comes after a deadly shooting outside this same bar that happened inner -- november. this morning we talked with a friend of one of the victims in that pre
. the sheriff department tells us three people have been shot. this happened around 9:30 this morning at first and grove in north richmond. you can see from these live pictures there is still at least one police car on the scene. looks like they're going to be leaving the area soon. once again, there are reports of several people shot in north richmond. as we get any more information, we'll get it to you. >>> oakland police are searching for a killer after a woman was found shot to death inside an oakland motel room. alex savage is live. this is the latest in a string of homicides this week. good afternoon. >> good afternoon to you, tori. police >> reporter: police have seen a string of homicides. one council member calls this a crisis. this morning, the coroner removed the body of a 19-year- old woman from the star light motel. investigators tell me she had been shot in the head inside this room on the second floor. other guests heard gunfire around 3:00 a.m. and lots of screaming. >> that was too close for comfort, you know. i mean, if i were to walk, you know -- >> reporter: a friend of the
during monday's presidential visit. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live with what caused it and what is next for the department. >> reporter: well, one lieutenant actually called it a train wreck, of course talking about the new radio system and they say they experience up to 500 glitches every month and that has to stop. [ cheers ] >> reporter: it could have been a disaster. >> please welcome the president of the united states. [ cheers ] >> reporter: while everything went smoothly on stage at the fox theater during the president's visit behind the scenes police assigned to his security were not able to talk to each other on the new radio system for 30 minutes. >> or officers have no confidence in it. it puts officers and the citizens in jeopardy. the communications issues became serve an hour after mr. obama left oakland, when police were keeping tabs on demonstrators who lingered, occasionally blocking streets. the radios had been previously plagued by break downs and dead zones, leaving officers digital radios prone to blackouts but many thought that was fixed when the city paid
moriarty joins us live from san jose to explain what is behind this operation, with a rather strange name. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: that's right. it's called operation chicken hawk and it's the term police use for pedophiles. we'ral del ray avenue and police may be making a bust here shortly. we're waiting to see if they are confiscating evidence. more than 165 detectives took part in this sweep for child porn. ktvu was there when they busted two men at their homes this morning. this is a look from chopper 2 of officers taking into custody one man living in san jose. one of 20 search warrants executed throughout santa clara county this morning. another on vera lane. authorities are seizing evidence, hard drives, thumbnails they believe links the subjects to the distribution or possession of child porn. >> what we worry about most is the behavior escalating at some point and having these people going to the community and start physically starting our children which is unacceptable to us. if we can get them in custody, get them in the system, actually make them be registered sex o
that wasteful. asked the money be used for projects jump as pedestrian safety or capital improvements. >>> governor jerry brown will be in san francisco to sign a california's high-speed rail construction bill. the $5.8 billion measure barely made it through the senate earlier this month. it will pay for construction of the california's high-speed rail in the valley. a ceremony is planned for 2:00 p.m. this afternoon in san francisco. >>> oakland city counsel endorsing ac transit bus rapid transit project. they voted for the project last night. the route is 10 miles long and will go from san leandro throw downtown oakland. -- through downtown oakland. it will create about 700 jobs. >> the transportation commission is considering a proposal to tax motorist for every mile they drive. the tax would reduce traffic and pollution while increasing revenue. it could include a higher rate for miles driven at peak hours. >> it would be a lot of money. every year, depending on how they tax you or how they get their money it will be tough. >> the plan also suggests raising the bay bridge rush hou
cause the ride to stop. but we won't know until we do the testing. >> reporter: crews used a bucket attached to a crin to give the riders water and -- crane to give the riders water and sunscreen. >> i think at first they were worried but as time went on, i think they were a little bit more worried. >> reporter: eventually they got the riders back down. >> i -- six flags did offer season passes to all of the riders who got stuck on the superman ride yesterday but a park spokesperson tells me, we're told the superman ride will remain closed down for the foreseeable future. alex sal idge, kut salvidge, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> investigators say natasha nolan got into a fight with a 20-year-old woman and somehow the door of the bus opened. both women fell out. the bus was going 45 miles an hour and ran over nolan. the chp is now investigating why the door came open. >> did somebody say hey, you guys are fighting or did the door open on its own? did the girls while they were juveniling hit a button -- scuffling hit a button? >> officers arrested two men for public drunkenness, this com
spokeswoman we talked with this morning tells us there is is no indication of what caused the deadly fire this morning. we are live this afternoon in san francisco. alan savidge, ktvu news. >> it is a busy day on the north bay and east bay. >> it is five minutes and including the story of how some firefighters one they could have been in two places at the same time. >> well, major announcement from the governor about the future of the delta. >> governor brown is pushing for a pair of tunnels that would move water easily to the central valley and south. >> we are live in sacramento with the governor's reaction. tara? >> the governor said he realizes there are people who oppose his plan and else simply not backing down. >> i want to get it done. i want to get this thing done the best i can. >> all right. you give me your analysis. >> the governor and his fighting words and the secretary of the interior detailing their proposal to build two massive tunnels to divert water using gravity and not pushes. two biggest questions they had for the governor, how much will it cost and what is the impa
us know if it is boiling out there and how people are coping. >> reporter: it is hot out here in pleasanton. keep the water handy. on a day like today you want a cool spot like this or over there in the water. you could see the beach packed. this is shadow cliff lake. with inland temperatures expected to sore into the -- soar into the low 100s, people are looking for relief anyway they could get it. we talked to one woman who run as daycare center and she brought all the kids here to cool them off. >> we have 11 children here. we like to keep them under shade. i am counting heads while they were swimming. >> it is hot and we want it keep the kids cool. >> reporter: they said mom, take me to water. >> exactly. we don't want to sit in the house, good idea to come out here and enjoy the water before it gets too hot. >> reporter: of course, this heat can be dangerous. i checked with the fire department, they are bracing for heat related calls they will get today. people should limit time outdoors, avoiding strenuous activities and load up on water. >> reconsider yard work, physica
returned to normal on the bay bridge after serious traffic this morning. ktvu's cara liu joins us live with new information on a story we have been following since 4:30 a.m. >> reporter: good afternoon. absolute traffic nightmare on the bay bridge this morning. a mess for commuters and the bridge just reopened before 10:00 a.m. this morning. here is what happened, a speeding vehicle crashed around 1:30 a.m. this morning. officers tried to help the two people in the car. >> they attempted to render aid, the vehicle tried to flee the scene, there was a shooting. the vehicle traveled more down had freeway, it became disabled. there is a ongoing investigation. they are conducting investigations into that. >> reporter: police say one officer fired at the suspect and the suspect also fired at officers and then threw his gun over the bridge into the water. chp would not confirm but did say the coast guard was looking for the weapon. chp confirms both people in the car were taken to the hospital because of injuries from the crash and the man behind the wheel is going to face charges. meanwhile
rigs are being allowed to use 580 until crews have the spilled cleaned up. san francisco investigators are calling to the scene of four alarm fire that's been ruled suspicious. it happened around 101 280 junction. new development including arresting that have just been made. >> reporter: police just arrested a woman less than an hour ago. she is being booked along with her boyfriend on arson charges in a downtown jail right now. this man said they ran for their lives at 3:00 this morning. >> not going to make it better to start yelling. >> i understand. i understand. >> reporter: he's angry because he and other two other people witnessed this man running carrying a gas can. >> reporter: neighbors grilled the man about it. >> i took it out of the house. >> i need you guys to go somewhere else. >> reporter: police took the 61- year-old into custody. they say he had been plotting in an pay bonn donned home off highway 101. >> my girlfriend took the stairs. >> reporter: fire officials say the fire broke out on the bottom floor. the man says the fire started on the top floor where his girlf
the street is no longer with us, the inconvenience it may serve him iser relevant is irrelevant to me. he should be there. >> he has pleaded not guilty and is free on bail. >> he explained why he tweeted they should stay away from san francisco after the company's president expressed his opposition to same sex marriage. >> having their statements be so discriminatorily impactful we don't appreciate their going out of their way to say the things they are saying as a business. >> that comes at the same time that supporters of same sex marriage are trying to block chick filet from opening a restaurant in mountain view. it took 24 hours for them to raise the fee to get the city council to hear an appeal of its permit to open there. the san francisco mayor ed lee is welcomeing a growing global business to the bay area. coming up in 10 minutes how the city is helping to fill the hundreds of jobs coming with it. >>> when news broke that state parks could close because of a lack of funding people across the state dug into their own pockets to keep them open. but now that the state park surplus h
of an employee. plant officials would not speak to us except to release a statement saying that the plant is in safe condition and the plant is working with alameda fire to determine the cause of this pipe break and subsequent leak. >> thank you, allie. >>> the community of alameda is stunned after a car with six young teens crashed into a tree this evening. claudine wong is live at the bay farm island where a 15-year- old suffered life threatening injuries. >> reporter: the roadway is back open but if you take a look, you can see the orange spray paint which gives you the path of this car. none of the 16 agers inside were old enough to drive. the 15-year-old behind the wheel is now fighting for his life. take a look at the mangled mess that remains of this car. >> i hear screeching of the tires and just a crash. >> reporter: jesse byrnes woke up the sound of the crash, looked out her window and heard the hysteria that followed. >> i heard a girl and a guy -- i didn't hear six. i heard two. and the guy was yelling, are you okay? >> reporter: they were not okay. five of the teens suffered
and playing game in the housing complex on nicholson lane. they tell us it was a game in the water that nearly cost the boy his life last night. >> they are playing holding their breath under the water the longest. >> just after 7:00. a teenager pulled the boy out of the water and another mother performed cpr. >> the boy was lifeless and they were able to resuscitate him. >> he is recovering at lucille pack card's children hospital and his mom is at his side. >> very scared. lots of prayers for her. she is very, very scared. >> reporter: this is the second near drowning this year. last year there was six near drownings in an one week period in the summer. that's why this mother is having her son take swimming lessons. >> he hasn't had them since he is a year old. it is either mommy and me classes. we decided to do one on one and learn more about holding his breath under water. >> fire officials say it is a a second that you look away before something can happen to a child in the water. keep your eyes on the child at all times. the mother said she looked away for a second when the near drowning
drama today in the case in the south bay. ktvu's tara moriarty explains us what happened so far when & when the -- far and when the jury will get the case. >> reporter: the jury is taking a break, won't be back till 1:30. the judge is meeting with the attorneys and saying that the defense be asked to null -- well, look behind me, you can see all the people here. the judge says the defense may be over stepping bounds by asking the jury to nullify the decisions to over charge william lynch. the prosecution chose to do that. the defense mocked the prosecution when they said we feel sorry for william lynch, he was abused by the priest but no man is above the law. william nch'attorney said reverend jerold linder raped and tortured a 7-year-old boy the prosecution saying william lynch was a vigilante. his supporters have been lining the steps, holding signs. when the prosecution showed pictures of reverend jerold linder, william lynch broke down and cried. william lynch faces two counts. >> the case from the district attorney is about the rule of law and they did a good job explaining, eve
. >>> it is not one of us. it doesn't read or hear this story, certainly anyone who has children and think about it being your child, and in that movie theater. >> the governor of colorado talks about feelings after the massacre in a crowded movie theater in colorado. >> good afternoon, i am tori campbell. >> a gunman opened fire during the blockbuster in aurora, colorado. >> 59 wounded and 12 people killed. he was arrested in the parking lot without incident and is in police custody. we have team coverage and how police are responding to this. we begin with allie rasmus on the suspected gunman. >> we are learning more about the gunman. 24-year-old james holmes was a science student at the university of colorado's medical school. he was in the process of dropping out when this happened. they describe him as a loaner. they believe he planned and carried out the mass shooting on his own. >> there is a shooting in the auditorium. >> at least one person is shot. they are saying there are hundreds of people running around. >> reporter: people were 30 minutes into watching the batman p
.m. shooting left a 44 year he old man dead. ken pritchard joins us live from a scene off of virginia street. >> good afternoon, ken. >> reporter: they cleared the scene. had been active. and it started as a domestic violence call and ended up confronting a suspect in the safeway parking lot. they say officers attempted to use nonlethal force and that effort failed. >> i heard multiple bam bam bam. and it is all week long and i thought it was firecrackers. >> reporter: least lee collins heard the shots. as of this morning, the body of marshal tobin was still here as evidence was being collected. they responded to a call of a man beating his wife. the second 911 call said he was in a safeway parking lot. he exited his car armed with a handgun. tasers were ployed -- employed. and that's when the officers opened fire, killing him. they were on scene and declined to speak. >> the neighbors were upset about another shooting in vallejo. >> i have been here in '89. and it is so violent. >> reporter: this is the fourth officer-involved shooting this year. there were three in the month of may. at the
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